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How to play Suipi

Welcome to our 4 part series in how to play Suipi

Purpose of the game

The purpose of the game is to get as many cards as you can by match your hand cards to the floor cards that equal the same value.

You may add cards together, group cards of the same value or match single cards. The point is - you want as many cards as you can get.

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Starting the game

At the beginning of the game, you will decide who will be the dealer. That person will then:

Note: The cards dealt to the floor must be 4 different cards.
If any card is matching, it is inserted back into the deck and another card is deal in its place. The same happens if any "point" cards (we'll explain point cards later) are dealt to the floor.

Playing the Game

Starting with the person who didn't deal, they have several options to do, but, your turn is done once you play a card from your hand.

Your Options
  • Match a card on the floor
  • Add to a card(s) on the floor
  • Group card(s) together
  • Discard a card to the floor

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What moves can you make in Suipi?

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