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What cards can you play in Suipi?

welcome to part 2 of our 4 part series of How to play Suipi

Playing the Game

Starting with the person who didn't deal, they have several options to do, but, your turn is done once you play a card from your hand.

Your Options
  • Match a card on the floor
  • Add to a card(s) on the floor
  • Group card(s) together
  • Discard a card to the floor

Match Card(s)

If you see a card (or cards) that is equal to the value of a card in your hand - you can pair it, and put it in your points pile.

Single Pair

Build cards and then pair

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Add to Card(s)

You may not have a match now, but you may have a match your next turn if you add a card from your hand to a floor card.

Build cards to make a pair on your next turn

Add to Card(s) Details

You can only add cards if have the value of sum of the pile currently in your hand. You may not build a pile and end your turn if you cannot take it on your next turn.

The value of this new pile may be changed by your opponent. The only time this value may not be changed if it has been locked by grouping a card of the same value into this pile (see below).

At the end of your turn, you are now the owner of this pile. That means you are unable to discard any cards (see below) or build more piles. If your opponent adds to this pile, they now become the owner of the pile (and they then adopt this same rule).

Note: You do not need to be the owner of a pile in order to take it. Stealing is encouraged in this game haha.

Group Card(s)

You can combine two cards (or piles) of the same value to be taken later with a card the is equal to both cards (or piles).

Building and Grouping cards

In this example above, I add the 5 from my hand to the 5 on the board to equal 10, then group that 10 with the other 10 on the board, which I will take both later with one of the 10's in my hand. During my next move, I might even group one of the 10's from my later and take it with the other 10 if I wanted to.

Once you group two cards (Or piles), you cannot change the value of the pile.

Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) cannot be grouped.

Discard a Card

At anytime, you are free to discard a card. However, you cannot discard a card of the same value as a floor card or if you currently own a pile.

To do so, simply drag a card from your hand and place is anywhere on the board, not overlapping a floor card. After you hit "End Turn", we'll clean up the board, so don't worry about perfect placement.

Discard a card to the floor

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